Visiting Artist Program

The Visiting Artist Program invites exceptional mid-career Visual Artists
to further their creative work at HEREKEKE with on-going support. 
The goals of this program are to help Artists achieve
significant junctures in their careers and to publish their work.
HEREKEKE’s remote location is offered as a place of inspiration,
nourishment and dedicated creative practice.

01_Visiting_ArtistStudio view by Regula Franz

Visiting Artists

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Liz Koerner & Katherine Lam | 2017

Willi Singleton | 2016

Liz Koerner & Katherine Lam | 2016

Robert Bassara  |  2015

Regula Franz  |  2014

Edie Tsong  |  2014

Robert Bassara  |  2014

Edie Tsong  |  2012 

Jeffrey Gibson  |  2010

Regula Franz  |  2010

Regula Franz  |  2009

Artists are selected based on a nomination process.  If you would like to recommend someone for this program, please send a Letter of Introduction.