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The Artist Residency Program is open to visual artists, writers, composers, architects, designers and filmmakers, at all stages of their career.
Download the Guidlelines and Application
This program supports those dedicated to their creative practice by providing solitude, nature, time and space.  Artists work in a self-directed manner while living among the trees, big sky, open pastures and expansive mountain views from a private ranch in Northern New Mexico.

One to two Artists at a time, or teams, are provided a private bedroom and either the Private Studio or the Printmaking Studio.

Artist Residencies are between 2 weeks to 5 weeks in duration, based on desired length of stay and availability.

The Artist Residency Fee is $315 per week for a private bedroom with either the Private Studio or the Printmaking Studio (including ink).

(The full cost to run the Artist Residency Program is provided through donations and grants.) 

Scholarships are available.  Download the Guidelines and Application for more information using the link above.

Internships/Collaborative Residencies offer artists the opportunity to share their skills and time with HEREKEKE for a reduced fee.  See the Download for more information.

HEREKEKE offers a community space with a piano, well equipped kitchen, and large table with views.  There is an outdoor lounge area, two comfortably furnished private bedrooms, and wi-fi throughout.  Both studios have views to enjoy the beauty and wildlife at 8,200 feet in the Rocky Mountains.


Resident Artists are responsible for their meals and can volunteer at a nearby organic farm in trade for seasonal produce during certain months.  Artists are asked to be stewards of the land by protecting the acequia (mountain spring water system), practicing energy and water conservation, and through responsible art making practices.

Past Residents are able to return and develop their work over several years.  Creative teams may apply together, couples working independently can apply separately, and children are allowed at the discretion of HEREKEKE.  Residents are asked to be here without spouses and significant others except for scheduled visits.  No personal pets, service animals are allowed.

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