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HEREKEKE is a nonprofit arts organization inquiring into creative sustainable practices in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.  It serves a diverse population that includes nationally and internationally recognized creative professionals, as well as local and youth groups.

What makes HEREKEKE (har-a-kay-kay) special is its location on a naturally pristine ranch in the southern reaches of the Rocky Mountains.  Contemplation and inspiration are offered among the dramatic landscape, open vistas, and abundance of wildlife at 8,200 feet.

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Artist Residency

Open to visual artists, writers, composers, filmmakers, architects and designers at all stages of their career.

Visiting Artist

Supporting exceptional mid-career artists through recurring stays and the creation of significant projects.


Cultivating creative expression and

self-confidence in different formats over the years for locals and youth groups.

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Printmaking Studio

Available to local artist and those participating in programs with or without assistance.

Music Lessons

Private lessons for youth and adults tailored to your experience level in a variety of instruments.


Surround yourself with natural beauty and inspiration in a creative environment.


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